Police arrest Serb with explosives in Kosovo

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Police have arrested a Serb national in Kosovo with over 12 kilograms of explosives material on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack on embassy buildings, authorities said Friday.

The Serb was arrested Thursday night in Kosovo's capital Pristina when he was in his Serbian number plated car, police said.

Kosovo Police spokesman Baki Kelani said in a statement that police carried out the operation in Arberia neighborhood after a getting a tip off from the Kosovo Intelligence Agency.

Police believe the suspect was planning an attack on embassy buildings in the nearby Arbre district.

Kosovo Interior Minister Skender Hyseni said at a press conference that there was no doubt the Serbian citizen was planning a terrorist act.

"The suspect was born in Belgrade in 1968. He was found in a car with over 12 kilograms of explosives. According to our preliminary findings, we believe that the suspect was planning a terrorist act. Explosives that were found are extremely dangerous and if the bomb attack had taken place, it would have ended up in huge damage. The Kosovo Police is continuing its investigation," the minister added.

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