Bosnia opposes Kosovo's accession to US charter

TIRANA, Albania - Bosnia and Herzegovina voted against the accession of Kosovo to the U.S. Adriatic Charter at a meeting of the charter’s partnership commission in the Albania's capital, Tirana, on Monday, Albanian foreign minister said.

The U.S. Adriatic Charter was signed in Tirana in May 2003 by foreign ministers of the U.S., Albania, Croatia and Macedonia. The charter aims to strengthen security, safety, democracy and minority rights in the member countries.

Representatives of Kosovo had applied for a full membership at the meeting, but the application was rejected because Bosnia and Herzegovina representatives voted against it, Albanian Foreign Minister Dmitry Bushati told reporters after the meeting.

The meeting was attended by delegations of the U.S. and other full members of the charter, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia, and the delegation of observers from Serbia and Kosovo.

Bushati added that the officials discussed the fight against terrorism and security issues in the region.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro joined the charter in December 2008. Serbia and Kosovo have observer status.

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