Hungary: Large protest in Budapest against government

ANKARA - About 2,500 Hungarians demonstrated in front of the country's Parliament Building in Budapest on Sunday evening to protest government corruption, and budget cuts.

Protesters were angry about the way the government is run, as well as by demands for austerity measures and reduced social welfare programs.

The 2015 state budget to be approved by parliamentarians on Monday, but the organizers of the protest said that the budget is unworthy of Hungary.

Protest organizer Zoltan Vajda said that "the whole system is based on lies, and Prime Minister Viktor Orban himself is a lie."

There have been frequent demonstrations against Orban’s government.  On Nov. 17, 10,000 Hungarians demonstrated against what they see as the creation of a small oligarchy based on rising corruption. 

Protesters are also unhappy about Orban’s close ties with Russia, and his attempts to move away from a liberal commercial economy.

In 2013 Orban proposed an economic plan, and said it will boost Hungary's economy by the end of 2014, but the plan has not met its goals. 

Despite his lack of popularity, Orban was re-elected in April with his party, the Hungarian Civic Alliance, winning two-thirds of the seats in parliament.

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