Kuwaiti court turns down case to cancel Egypt aid

KUWAIT CITY (AA) – A Kuwaiti court said on Sunday it has no jurisdiction to rule in a lawsuit requesting the government to cancel a multi-billion dollar aid package it has pledged to Egypt since last year, a judicial source said.

Lawyer Abdullah al-Kandari who filed the lawsuit last July said the Kuwaiti government's decision to disburse the non-refundable aid package to Egypt classifies as a waste of public funds under the Kuwaiti constitution.

Kuwait, which was among the first countries to support last July's military ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, has pledged $4 billion in assistance to Egypt's military-backed government.

Two billion dollars had since been deposited at Egypt's central bank, while $1 billion worth of petroleum products had been shipped to the country.

An additional $1 billion grant to Egypt has been put before the Kuwaiti parliament for approval.

Following Morsi's removal from office and subsequent imprisonment, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait all pledged billions of dollars in aid to shore up Egypt's struggling economy.

Kuwaiti opposition figures have, however, opposed their government's aid package on grounds that the money should have been allocated for domestic expenditure.

By Faisal Yasser



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