Macedonian President asks PM to form government

- Nikola Gruevski to present new coalition cabinet within 20 days

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AA) – Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov has asked incumbent Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to form Macedonia’s new government.

Gruevski must present his new cabinet within 20 days and the new government must be voted on by Parliament by 16 June.

Gruevski led the coalition between the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization and the Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity which won 61 seats in  the 123-seat Macedonian Parliament in elections in April.

Nikola Gruevski, 44, has been Prime Minister of Macedonia since 2006 and had led the coalition parties since 2003.

Gruevski is looking to form a governing coalition with either of two Albanian parties -  the Democratic Union for Integration (which has 19 seats in Parliament) or the Democratic Party of Albanians (holding seven seats in Parliament).

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