15 Egyptians deported from Kuwait for unlicensed protest

KUWAIT CITY (AA) – Kuwait has decided to deport 15 Egyptians for staging a march in support of an Egyptian presidential candidate in southeastern Kuwait without obtaining prior approval from the authorities, a security source said Monday.

He added that the 15 Egyptians had raised photos of former defense minister and presidential frontrunner Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi during a march in the Al-Ahmadi province south of Kuwait city.

Lieut.-Gen. Suleiman al-Fahd, undersecretary of Kuwait's interior ministry, issued a decision for the deportation of the 15 Egyptians for violating Kuwaiti laws against staging unauthorized demonstrations, the source said.

Anadolu Agency could not confirm whether or not the 15 Egyptians had already departed Kuwait, nor have Kuwaiti or Egyptian authorities confirmed the deportations.  

Kuwaiti laws bar foreigners from demonstrating on Kuwaiti territory, while Kuwaiti nationals are only allowed to stage protests after obtaining official permission.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians poured into Egyptian embassies and consulates around the world this weekend to cast ballots in Egypt's presidential election, which will be held inside Egypt on May 26-27.

Expatriate voting should have ended on Sunday, but what the presidential election commission has described as "high turnout" encouraged it to extend expatriate voting for one more day.

Two candidates – former defense minister Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi and leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi – are competing in the election.      

By Faisal Yasser


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