Ivanov wins Macedonian Presidential runoff

Incumbent conservative President wins a second term in office

Incumbent conservative President wins a second term in office

SKOPJE – Macedonia’s incumbent conservative President Gjorge Ivanov has become President for a second term in office on Sunday’s Presidential runoff, according to State Elections Commission’s (SEC) preliminary results.

With more than 99 per cent of votes counted, Ivanov won 55.27 per cent of the votes against social democrat Stevo Pendarovski with 41.14 percent.  The voter turnout in the Presidential runoff, held on the same day as the early general elections, was 54.36 per cent of approximately 1.7 million voters, the SEC said.

Speaking before his supporters, Ivanov said in the first hours of Monday that in these elections, "Democracy won as well as Macedonia itself."

Ivanov was the candidate of the Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity led coalition (VMRO-DPMNE) which also won the country’s general elections.

53-year old Ivanov, who has been in office since 2009, is Macedonia’s fourth president since the country declared independence from Yugoslavia in September 1991.

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