Turkish president calls for more trade with Denmark

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Turkish President Abdullah Gul has cited almost 260 years of shared history between Turkey and Denmark during calls for a re-invigoration of trade links between the two countries.

Speaking at the Turkish-Danish Trade and Investment Forum in Copenhagen on Monday Gul said that the current trade volume between Turkey and Denmark -- worth US$1.8 billion -- was low and urged greater efforts to increase potential bilateral trade. 

Gul recalled how the two countries established friendly trade relationships 258 years ago. The president said the forum was being held to encourage Danish businesspeople to launch trade initiatives between the two nations.

Noting that large national corporations needed places to conduct business, Gul emphasized Turkey’s potential for these firm to invest in.

"When investors visit the countries they will invest in, they firstly look into the legal order and courts of that country in case of any problems they may face," said the president, stressing that Turkey has launched radical reforms in last 10-12 years on democracy and law.

"These reforms have removed discrimination between a native and foreign investor, which gives confidence to foreign investors."

He also added that Turkey has launched very strong reforms in its finance and banking sectors as well, adding that the country was ready to deal with any internal or external economic impacts.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Deputy Prime Minister Margrethe Vestager and Turkey's Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek also attended the forum.

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