Turkey donates medical devices to Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan – Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TIKA) donated an ultrasound machines and digital mammography equipment for breast cancer screening to a hospital in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek on Friday.

Speaking at the ceremony at Bishkek National Oncology Hospital, Turkey’s ambassador to Bishkek, Metin Kilic, said public health is one of the most important issues in Kyrgyzstan.

Celik said Turkey and Kyrgyzstan, as two friendly countries, will work together to modernize hospitals.

“We will sign a health agreement with Kyrgyzstan in the coming days and under this agreement we are planning to host a significant number of Kyrgyz patients for treatment in Turkey,” Celik said.

Kyrgyz President’s spouse, Raisa Atambayeva, thanked the Turkish ambassador for Turkey’s effort to support Kyrgyzstan’s health services.

Elena Butonova, who has been working for Bishkek National Oncology Hospital for 23 years, told Anadolu Agency that there were around four old mammography devices at the hospital. She said the devices donated by Turkey are the first modern equipment.

Butonova also said around 500 women get breast cancer every year in Kyrgyzstan.

TIKA also renewed the furniture, computers and office equipment of two rooms at the oncology hospital.

TIKA, established in 1992, undertakes projects in fields including education, health, restoration, agricultural development in 30 countries across five continents.

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