Bagis visits Istanbul exhibition in Luxembourg

As part of his official visit to Luxembourg, Turkey’s Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis visited "Istanbul, the city of lights and shadows" exhibition at Palace Guillaume square.

Expressing admiration for the exhibition of Timurtas Onan which will remain open until June 6, Bagis said, “I’m very happy to have visited an exhibition on Istanbul in the most important square of the capital of Luxembourg. Istanbul is the most European city and meeting point of Asia and the most Asian city of Europe. But I learned something which has further affected me today. This is the second exhibition which was opened at this square. The first one was consisted of the photos of Marilyn Monroe. Istanbul is as attractive as Marilyn Monroe. European Union without Istanbul would be left so plain, poor and alone.”

Bagis added that the mosques, churches and synagogues have been altogether giving people peace in Istanbul for the last 800 years.

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