Gul speaks to journalists in Riga

Speaking to journalists in Riga, Latvia, where he traveled on Tuesday for an official visit, President Abdullah Gul said that ongoing talks with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) to urge the terrorist group to end violence and withdraw from Turkish soil will yield positive results, urging the terrorist group to lay down its weapons before withdrawing.

Gul said that Turkey aimed to totally eradicate the PKK but not let the terrorist group stay alive somewhere outside the country. Stating that political parties should also be involved in the settlement process, Gul said, “The process coincides with a critical period. Every moment is important. Every word uttered should signify a special meaning. If political parties are involved in the process, it will be easier. If people are not allowed to contribute, then they tend to oppose. This is the nature of politics.” Gul stated that the efforts aimed at raising democratic standards with the new Constitution also offered good opportunities for a solution.

“Turkey has previously made the mistake of opposing citizens who say ‘I am not Turkish, I am Kurdish, I am a citizen of this country. I am a person, child and citizen of this soil,’ and telling them instead that “No, you are Turkish’,” Gul added.

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