Turkey to donate reindeers to Dukha Turks

Turkey is getting prepared to donate reindeers to Dukha Turks living in remote areas of northwestern Mongolia.

Dukhas are a small Turkic community which depends on reindeers for their survival. With decreasing number of reindeers, Dukha culture faces the danger of extinction.

In order to contribute to the survival of the Dukha Turks, Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TIKA) is planning to donate reindeers.

"When we heard about Dukhas’ struggle for survival in harsh winter conditions, we immediately took action," TIKA President Serdar Cam told AA on Wednesday.

Cam said they sent humanitarian aid despite harsh conditions and freezing cold weather, crossing 60-km long frozen lake.

He pointed out that Dukhas lived in tents and survived on agriculture and livestock. Cam said, "They live in remote areas trying to survive under harsh winter conditions. We have urgently sent them aid and clothing. Turkey is together with them."

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