Prime Minister Erdogan in Kazakhstan

Speaking at Turkey-Kazakhstan Business Forum, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said "The cooperation between the two countries, which is being carried out at the "strategic partnership" level, should be deepened."

"We are going to append mutual signatures during this visit that will determine our road map for the future," said Erdogan, and added, "We will start a new period".

Touching on the significance of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, the Turkish Prime Minister said, "A railway bridging London to China will be in service when the construction of an undersea rail tunnel in Turkish city Istanbul, "Marmaray" is completed."

Noting that the Turkey-Kazakhstan Business Forum is a platform with great importance to take up regional and global economic issues as well as to discuss proposals for possible solutions, Erdogan said, "The global economy is in dire straits. The financial crisis, which at first began as an economic crisis in the USA and then has spread to Eurozone, has begun to have political and social impacts."

Erdogan added, "Assuming an attitude of full responsibility in dealing with their countries’ debt, financial duties and fiscal disciplines and then acting in accordance with these principles is a must not only for those countries but also for the safety and recovery of the world economy.

Emphasizing that the Turkish economy has been going through a process of huge reforms recently, Erdogan said, "Thanks to our decisive and consistent economic policies, the impact of the global economic crisis on our country has remained limited in comparison with many European countries."

Regarding the evaluation criteria of some international credit agencies, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said that most of their assessments are based on ideologically set criteria, which pose a serious risk for the developing countries.

Pledging to carry the issue to the agenda of a G20 Summit, Erdogan underlined that credit rating agencies should refrain from making ideologically based assessments and should stay politically impartial in their assessments.

Prime Minister Erdogan then met his Kazakh counterpart Karim Masimov.

Following the tete a tete meeting of the duo, Erdogan and Masimov came together at a working luncheon.

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