Kazakh ambassador calls on major Turkish companies to invest in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh ambassador in the Turkish capital city said on Sunday that Turkey’s top 50 companies had not still made investments in Kazakhstan.

In an interview with AA, Kazakh ambassador in Ankara Canseyit Tuymebayev said there were almost 1,140 Turkish companies operating in Kazakhstan and total investments of these firms amounted to nearly 2 billion USD.

Tuymebayev said the worth of the projects conducted by Turkish contractors in Kazakhstan also exceeded 15 billion USD, while the amount of Kazakh investments in Turkey were around 1 billion USD.

"However, companies listed in Turkey’s top 50 have not still come to Kazakhstan," the ambassador said.

Tuymebayev said that his country had a market economy now and this structure had attracted several major companies from around the world.

The ambassador said major Turkish companies should also invest in Kazakhstan.

Commenting on Baku-Tbilis-Ceyhan oil pipeline project, Tuymebayev said Kazakhstan’s contribution to the project would increase.

Pointing to his country’s support to the Nabucco natural gas pipeline as well, the ambassador said Kazakhstan’s natural gas production was low at the moment.

Tuymebayev also said Turkey and Kazakhstan could cooperate on alternative sources of energy, adding that his country had successful facilities on atomic energy and uranium.

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