Turkish Exhibition Opens In Estonia

TALLINN - A Turkish exhibition has opened in the Estonian capital of Tallinn.

Estonian Minister of Culture Laine Janes and Turkey's Ambassadress in Tallinn Sule Soysal inaugurated the exhibition "Colors and Threads of Turkey: Timeless Creations of Gonul Paksoy" at the Mikkel Museum on Wednesday.

Clothes, accessories, hats, shoes, amulets and bags created by Turkish designer Gonul Paksoy are on display in the exhibition to stay open till January 25, 2009.

Born in the southern province of Adana, Paksoy graduated from Chemical Engineering Faculty of Istanbul's Yildiz University. She had her master's and doctorate degree at the Cukurova University in Adana.

Paksoy has been a lecturer at the Textile and Fashion Department of Fine Arts Faculty in Istanbul's Mimar Sinan University since 1989.

Gonul Paksoy's designs are the harmonious reflection of the past and the future. Paksoy uses old or new hand-woven textiles, always of Turkish origin and dyed with natural colours in special combinations. These combinations have a way of enfolding, of carrying one away, of giving insight into Turkish culture. The new patches she uses in the old, or the old patches in the new, are not patches but a synthesis of our epoch, peculiar to Paksoy.



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