Luxembourg May Contribute To Turkey On Foreign Capital, Tuzmen

ANKARA - Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen said on Monday that Luxembourg, one of the most important finance and service sector centers of the world, may contribute to Turkey in terms of foreign capital.

Tuzmen met Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Jeannot Krecke of Luxembourg in Ankara.

Speaking at the meeting, Tuzmen said Luxembourg was a small country but its national income per capita was 110,000 USD, and Turkey's foreign trade volume with Luxembourg was 200 million euro.

He said Turkish exports to Luxembourg amounted to 55 million euro.

Tuzmen said it was the first time that a Luxembourger minister for economy, foreign trade and sports as well as businessmen delegation and representatives of finance, logistics, and advertisement sectors were visiting Turkey.

Krecke said Luxembourg developed its sectors like service, banking, chemistry, and automotive, becoming an important logistic center.

He said Turkey was an important partner for foreign trade and investments, and they had come to Turkey to discover the opportunities.



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