Turkey's Parliament Speaker Receives Luxembourg's Foreign Minister

ANKARA - Turkey`s parliament speaker received Luxembourg`s deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs & immigration in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Tuesday.

The meeting between Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan and Luxembourg`s minister Jean Asselborn took place at the Turkish parliament.

"We have to be patient about European Union (EU)-Turkey relations, and you have to go on with your reforms," Asselborn said in the meeting.

Asselborn said that the EU would continue to keep its promises even though the president of the union changed. The presidency of the union rotates among member states every six months.

Luxembourg`s minister said that there would always be problems, but Turkey and the EU should solve them.

In the meeting, Toptan thanked Luxembourg for its support for Turkey`s EU membership bid.

Asselborn later had a meeting with Murat Mercan, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament, and Yasar Yakis, chairman of the EU Adjustment Committee of the Parliament.

Turkey became a EU candidate country in December 1999. The union launched accession talks with Turkey on October 3rd, 2005.


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